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Sunday, 16 December 2012


The official newsletter of The Drover's Camp Assn Inc. Camooweal

VOL # 9 Issue 3 November 2012

Street Parade
Drovers Camp Festival Street Parade 2012

President's Report

G'day to all the drovers and all involved with the Drovers Camp.

I would like to introduce myself and my wife Irene as I step into the role of President of the Drovers Camp with the new committee (elected at AGM at festival 2012). Our previous president Liz and Col left the Drovers Camp on 3rd November. I would like to say a big thank you to Col and Liz for staying on and looking after the camp since festival until Irene and I arrived on 14th of November.

In the short time we have been here, we have been trying to get a handle on how the office works and juggle the financial situation. We are very grateful for the assistance from Carmel Williams.

We have included our Christmas catalogue in this newsletter, hoping to generate some extra sales to help us through to the tourist season which will begin again about next Easter. Our committee is currently tossing around a few ideas to create new income ventures for the near future and will keep members informed in future Cattle Pads.

We have included the results from Festival 2012 which went off smoothly, thanks to all the hard work put in by volunteers, office staff and committee.

Liz advised me of the sad news of Tom Cusack's passing in September. Tom was a great supporter of the Drovers Camp and I, like many other members, loved to have a yarn to him every festival. Lettie Cook of Suplejack Station in the Tanami Desert rang me the other day advising me of the passing of Lillian, her mother and wife of one of our great old drovers Bob Savage. Bob and Lillian were also great supporters of our organisation and we all enjoyed their company at festival time.

The committee of the Drovers Camp take this opportunity to wish one and all a great Christmas and prosperous New Year. Anyone who has any item they wish to discuss with me please contact me on the Camp phone.

Regards Daryl Horkings

Festival results

Festival results

Great people I have known

By Pic Willetts

Les and Fred Peake had a great crew of drivers who always made the time to help the drovers as they travelled across the Barkly Stock Routes. Peake's drivers Clayton Hewitt, Alfie Samardin, George Rankine Snr, George Storey, Harry Coop, Roy King, and Billy King were all of aboriginal descent. All of these drivers started their working life as stockmen. In spite of the general discrimination towards aboriginal people in this time, these great blokes were able to breach the barrier because the admiration of their toughness and ability as bush drivers. George Rankine Snr spent 6 weeks stuck on the Rankin Plain in the wet one year in one of Peak's lorries. Their generosity and kindness of spirit was well known throughout the Barkly Tableland community. I have had a look at the website of the National Road Transport Hall of Fame at Alice Springs and I am saddened to see they are not recognised on their wall of fame.

They would pick up stores, mail or any other gear required by the drovers on the Barkly Tablelands. These blokes would load gidgee wood onto the trucks by hand from around Riley's bore or Nineteen mile bore for the packhorse drovers and drop it at specified places across the Rankin plain. The drovers would find out when they would be coming back and be sure to have a load of fresh and corned beef for them to take home to their families in Mount Isa. Drovers camped at Plain bore could see their lights from forty miles away as they were coming into Lorne Creek and would stoke the fire for a cuppa for the driver who would be travelling at all hours of the night to try and beat the heat. They would pull up at your camp, have a cuppa and a piece of damper and hit the road again. They carted all manners of loads including horses and bulls to places like Eva Downs, Creswell, Anthony Lagoon, Brunette Downs, Rockhampton Downs, Alroy Downs, and Gallipoli. In the Townsville Daily Bulletin, dated Friday 24 April 1936 it is noted that Les Peake's truck delivered a blood stallion to Rocklands Station (source TROVE website).

Registered Drovers for 2012

Graham Martyr
Vivian Chalk
Andrew Hickey
Reg Fickling
Luke McCall
Eugene Kostin
Ben Trindle
Scott Bloxsome
Neville Adams
Brian Thompson
Gary Paige
Kevin Hanson
Gordon King
Terry McCoy
Bob Leis
Ned Burke
Larry Robinson
Jack Mount
Tom Cusack
Ken Lucas
Jeff Hill
Wally Atkinson
Harry McGuckin
Frank Booth
Bill Chapman
Ron Rofe
Colin Hindmarsh
Neville Williams
Beryl Murphy
Ian McBean
Lex Shepherd
Bill Ross
Jim Byers
Ian Chisholm
Jim Kennedy
Hilton Connolly

Peter Leach
Daryl Horkings
Bob Savage
Bill Cook
Alex Wood
Bob Russell
Malcolm McTaggart
Keith Luscombe
Tom Green
Dave Allworth
Wayne Madien
Errol Connolly
Cleve Smith
Rodney Watson
Owen Alloway
Jeff Simpson
Sandy Hutley
Kelly Hutley
Tidly Triffett
Gordon Iles
Mick Gallagher
Fred Anderson
Ruby Saltmere
Ian Michael
Ray Fryer
Ted Carter
Keith Urquart
Earl Burke
Mary Cotterell
Geoff Nixon
Rob Dempster
John Stacey
Pic Willetts
Ken Read
John Wickham


Tommy Cusack
13/09/1932 - 11/10/12

Tom Cusack

It is with a heavy heart that we tell of the death of Thomas James Cusack, known to us as Tommy. Tommy was drover and a regular at the Drovers Festival. He offered over the years, great vocal and financial support to the Drovers Camp. He was known far and wide for his colourful shirts he would wear to festival. His first droving trip was in 1952 with Splinter Dale down the Birdsville track to Marree in S.A. His last years were spent at Mittiebah Station in the N.T. Tommy passed away in Mount Isa Hospital. His family had kindly donated one of his festival shirts to us to keep in memory of this true bush gentleman.

Volunteers 2012

Many volunteers have helped over the 2012 season. Below we have listed those who were registered, but there are many more, and we would like to say a special thanks to all who have helped. Your invaluable help and input makes the job so much easier.

Allan Edwards
Bev Taggart
Bev Turpin
Catherine Davis
Chris Ficheroux
Colleen Williams
Dawn Connolly
Di Steiber
Dick Darlington
Elsie Fischer
Eric Ford
Geoff Hutton
George Peach
Greg Simpson

Harry Fischer
Jeff Simpson
Joan Ford
John Cahill
John Davis
Joy Simpson
June Bellenger
Lindsay Turpin
Lynn Hutton
Lynn Maxwell
Maureen Costello
Pam Phillott
Pat Bellenger
Paul Finlay

Ralf Steiber
Ron Williams
Ron Edwards
Roy Costello
Stumpy Adams
Terry McCoy
Tom Green
Tom Maxwell
Tony Ficheroux
Tracey Peach
Wacka Hickey
Yvonne McCoy

PostOffice Hotel

Peach Photography

Branded Hatracks

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