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Saturday, 23 June 2012


The official newsletter of The Drover's Camp Assn Inc. Camooweal

VOL # 9 Issue 2 June 2012

1955 Main Street
Camooweal Main Street 1955

President's Report

G'day All,
My apologies for the cattle pad being late but we have been extremely busy. We have been doubling our numbers through the shed this year and it is taking its toll, I could really do with some help if anyone has some free time they can give me over June & July. We will also be having a quilt exhibition on the 21/22/23 August and we need someone to volunteer to be there during the day so if you can help please let us know. A special thankyou to Harry & Elsie who have made our gardens look spectacular; their help has been fantastic.

Shop sales have been brilliant since the start of the season, everything is double on last year which is great but it is also a lot of work. So please help me if you can.

The Drovers camp Visitor Information Centre is up and running but we are still waiting for support from Mount Isa Council to supply a staff member to run it, hopefully not much longer now. Membership renewal is now due, the form is in the cattle pad so if you could please send it back to us filled out that would be great, it will help take the pressure off during Drover registration on festival Friday. This festival is going to be the biggest one yet, we have some fantastic music artists appearing so cant wait to see you there. We are having a whip making school this year on the 23rd & 24th of August so let me know if you wish to attend.

Well that’s all for now

Yours in droving,

The 2011 Drovers Camp Festival is supported by
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Membership Renewal

Memberships are now due. Please download the form and send it back to the Drover's Camp Association.
2012-2013 Membership Renewal Form

The Bronze Spur Award

Download the Bronze Spur Bush Poetry Entry Form.

Art Competition and Exhibition

Download the Art Competition and Exhibition Entry Form.

Bronco Branding Competition

Download the Bronco Branding Competition Entry Form.

Photograph Competition

Download the Photograph Competition Entry Form.

Whip making

Drovers Yarn

A woman goes out shopping with her husband and spots a pair of boots she loves.

The husband says: "No chance love, they're way too expensive"
Later on in bed, the wife is just falling asleep when the husband tries his luck and places his hand on her hip.

She turns to him and says, "I don't think so mate. “If you're not prepared to shoe the horse then you sure as hell aren't riding it."


Last night I went to rug my horse before I went to bed
Then I turned and watched the sky while leaning on the shed
As I gazed at flickering stars that glow up there at night
I thought of all the folks I’d known that droving was their life.

They’re not all stars as people think but drover’s campfires glow
What we all call the Milky Way is the main way drovers go
The black holes are the water holes with shade trees all about
The Southern Cross is where mobs turn when heading further out.

There’s always grass and water the stock are sleek and fat
The days are neither hot nor cold the nights are warm at that
All drovers are well mounted on their favorite horse, the one so good to ride
While all the champion dogs they’ve had are trotting by their side.

Here and there along the track just near a billabong
A quaint old bush pub beckons to those who come along
To stop and have a friendly yarn and share a drink with mates
Telling tales of droving trips where luck was shared with fate.

A mo-pokes voice recalled me from where I’d drifted too
I turned and wandered home to bed as most weary people do
Well maybe I was dreaming but then you never know
I might have had a preview look at where all drovers go.
James V Sturgiss

Information Request


My name is Tracey Peach and I am currently setting up the tourist information centre in the Drovers Camp office. I am after any and all information on the town and pioneers of Camooweal. I am making a heritage history map on the buildings and would like to do one on the cemetery as well. Any stories or memories you have on our little town and it's pioneers would be greatly appreciated even if you know the original building has gone (Bottom Pub & saddler e.g.) still send it in either to the Drovers Camp or to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thanks Tracey

A Letter To The Drovers Camp

Hi Liz,

Saddened to see the passing of George Rankine. He was the spitting image of his father, who was the "life blood" of Alexandria Station for several generations, as the Head Bore Maintenance Mechanic.

Young George must have been about knee high, when I was on Alex., Gallipoli and Soudan,1950 to 1960.

At that time the bores were absolutely nothing like today, with the Mono Pumps and driven by air cooled diesels!!

In those days, the pumps were IBC A frame, walking beam 23 strokes a minute, with water cooling tanks, a belt driven counter shaft, that drove onto the large wheel of the A frame pump. Later replaced with K frame pumps that were notorious for breaking the holding down bolts on the base !! The drive belts would fly off, or if loose catch fire!! The bores mostly had pumpers full time, during the dry season. They were driven originally by steam engines dragged out from Mt.Isa by horse teams. Later replaced with single cylinder Lister, Blackstone, Ronaldson Tippet diesel engines.

Southern Cross came in later with a 20 hp twin cylinder diesel and driving the first on the Barkly ,of the Pomona Turbine high speed pumps, that could fill a turkey nest tank in short order!! Great when there was a large herd all drinking ten gallons a day!

George Rankine had the knack of adjusting the vane clearance, to allow for the stretch in the column of water i.e. a slight error and the impellers would bottom out and the huge job of pulling it all out and the high cost of the worn parts.

Here is to the memory of the two George Rankine.

Rod Bellette


President And Caretaker Required

At the AGM on 26th August 2012 Elizabeth Flood will be standing down as president and caretaker of the Drovers Camp.

We need members who are interested in taking on one or both roles to contact us ASAP on (07) 47482022 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information. If no-one comes foreword there will be no Drovers Camp and all the great work has been for nothing.

A big THANK YOU to our first 2 volunteers for the year Elsie & Harry.

PostOffice Hotel

Peach Photography


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