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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


The official newsletter of The Drover's Camp Assn Inc. Camooweal

VOL # 7 Issue 3 July 2010

The Drover's Camp Festival
20th - 22nd August 2010

President's Report

Gooday All,

Well, only 6 weeks till festival! Where has the year gone?
I have been very busy with tourists since May, going through the memorabilia shed - we are getting some great reports.

Am looking forward to relief coming on the 15th of this month, Terry and Yvonne McCoy followed by June and Pat Bellinger, to help with the tours. Thanks to Qld Events we now have Carmel Williams employed in the office - it is a great help. This funding has also allowed us to employ a public relations officer - Vivienne Wynter who will be taking care of media releases for us.
Don't forget the dates this year, 20th to 22nd of August and we have election of officers at our AGM on the 22nd of August. Membership is also due 30th June so anytime now dues can be forwarded.

We had Rotary boys come out mid June and help lay the water pipes to the house - we now have rain water connected and hopefully it will lengthen the life of our hot water systems and air conditioners. Thank you Rotary Mount Isa.

This last week we have had showers and a very cold three days and it great to see the sun today. Well, folks look forward to seeing you all next month.

Yours in droving, Liz

Editor's Apology

A very late night and haste led to a few errors in the May edition of Cattle Pads.
The dates shown for the festival on the cover were incorrect.
THE DATES FOR FESTIVAL ARE 20th, 21st and 22nd OF AUGUST 2010.

We wish to apologise to Rod Watson for typo errors in his story on page 9 of the May edition of Cattle Pads.

In the 5th paragraph the first two lines should read "Clarrie Hudson was the last of the mailmen 1940 - 1946. Hudson was first married to a Biondi girl who died and left him with a son to rear". Please ignore the line "Hudson was the first".
The last line should have read "Jim Grace lived in Camooweal and was a brother in law (not brother!) of Massey Hood". Please accept our humble apologies, Rod.

The date in the poetry entry form are also incorrect. The deadline for poetry entry is 3rd August, not 3rd July.


Stock YardsOur next raffle is an all wooden replica of a set of cattle yards made and donated by Jeff Hill.

All gates and slides work!
Wonderful workmanship and detail!
Will be drawn festival weekend.

For tickets ($2.00 each) write or contact office.

Thank you to Southern Cross media for their wonderful support of
The Drovers Camp Festival 2010

Southern Cross Televison

The Drovers Camp - Books for Sale (*Prices do not include postage*)

Our range of books for sale in the shed is growing rapidly. If you know of a book you feel is relevant to our area or the droving tradition please email, write or telephone us with the details.

Along the Drovers Beaten Track - Colin (Mick) Kemp - $30.00
Barefoot through the Bindies - Marion Houldsworth $29.95
Battlers of the Barkly - Alf Chambers - $23.95
Before Helicopters and Road Trains - Luke McCall - $10.00
Bunch of Strays - Marie Mahood - $25.99
Cardross to Camooweal - Bill Crosbie - $20.00
Chasing Last Light - Pearl Ogden - $30.00
Droving with Ben Taylor - Len Hill - $35.00
From Humpy to Homestead - the abridged biography of Sabu - Pearl Ogden - $10.00
Hell, West and Round Australia - Bill Crosbie - $10
Horse Bells and Hobble Chains - Jeff Hill - $30.00
In Leichhardt’s Footsteps - Bruce Simpson - $25.00
In the Track of Old Bluey - Bobbie Buchanan - $29.95
Keep the Branding Iron Hot - Bobbie Buchanan - $29.95
Legends of the Outback - Marie Mahood - $25.95
Life’s Highway - Keith Jamieson - $20.00
Maybe It’ll Rain Tomorrow - Marion Houldsworth - $33.95
My Bush Ballads of Australia - Bill Crosbie - $10.00
My Yesteryears - Glenville Pike - $25.95
Not Without His Sons - Lloyd Fogarty - $29.95
On a Good Horse in a Swinging Canter - Bill Crosbie - $20.00
Outback vs the Wild West - Jack Drake - $29.95
Out of Pandanus - Bill Crosbie - $10
People of the Victoria River Region - Pearl Ogden - $30.00
Red Dust Rising - Marion Houldsworth - $30.00
Roping in the History of Broncoing - Darrell Lewis - $25.95
Rodeos and Ringers - Bill Crosbie - $20.00
The Murranji Track - Ghost Road of the Drovers - Darrell Lewis - $29.95
The Privileged Few - Jeff Hill - $35.00
30 Years of Droving at its Best - Colin (Mick) Kemp - $30.00
Traditional Bush Horsemanship - J. F. Simpson - $21.50
Where the Dead Men Lie - Bruce Simpson - $25.00
Where the Outback Drovers ride - Bruce Simpson - $50
Wind on the Cattle - Merrice Briffa - $24.75
Wild Cattle, Wild Country - Anne Ingham - $60.00

CHILDREN'S BOOKS (*Prices do not include postage*)

Cook Book ComingOutback Countout - Norah Kersh - $15.00
Outback Alphabet - Norah Kersh - $15.00
Grandma’s Precious Chest - $15.00
Outback Songs - Norah Kersh - $25.00
Outback Doctor - Norah Kersh - $22.00
Outback School - Norah Kersh - $22 + postage
...then Mummy went to bed!! - Brendan Kersh - $12.50

OTHER PRODUCTS (*Prices do not include postage*)

10" Bedourie Oven - $67.00
Stainless Steel Mugs - $10.00
China Mug - $10.00
Drovers Camp July 2010 - June 2011 Calendar - $18 + $6.00 postage
Stubby Cooler - $10
Shirts $50.00
Canning Stock Route Map - $9.50
Queensland Stock Route Map - $9.50
Gulf Country Map - $12.00

Bring Your cattle or horse brand to the festival
and add it to our Brand Board for $50!


Our raffle winner for the miniature heat bead barbeque was Brett Davis of Mt Isa Qld.


Thank you to Edith Douglas who has donated a wonderful collection of historic items to our shed.


Thank you Isa Florist for your support of our festival.

Drovers Ball


Can you recall stories, characters or events of droving/history? No story is too big or small. We need them all!! Give us a call. We can help you document your memories for generations to come to help them understand our great Australian history.

Recollections by Scrubba (Jack) Watkins

About the middle of the 40's and toward the end of the 2nd World War I had just been paid by DAVE SCOBIE, Boss Drover of the well known Cuff and Collar Crowd after trucking NAPPA MERRIE STATION bullocks from SW Qld at the rail head at MARREE end of the BIRDSVILLE TRACK on the old 3'6" narrow gauge rail line. A few days later I caught the next train going to ALICE SPRINGS and got off at OODNADATTA. I was there for a couple of days waiting for a station owner to come into town to pick up groceries etc. at the goods shed of the railways.

I was sitting in the bar of the TRANSCONTINENTAL HOTEL when three or four hard and tough looking blokes walked in. You could tell they'd been there and done it. They turned out to be TOM, HENRY and LAWRY SINGER and SYDIE BRANSON. After a while I found out they were good rough riders and loved a fight or two. After a few thirst quenchers I found out they were drovers and were contracted by IRON BARK JIM DAVEY of GRANITE DOWNS STN way out west of Oodnadatta to shift 700 big bullocks and I mean big bullocks, not poddy calves, to the trucking yard at Oodnadatta.

They asked me if I was looking for a job and I took up their offer. MICK DEMPSTER was the manager of Granite Downs then. Anyway we took delivery and Mick insisted that Tom take two of his very experienced aboriginal stockmen CURLY and BIGLIP ALLAN (so called because he always had a big wad of pitcherie stuck in the corner of his lips!). Soon we were on the track and moving down the ALBERGA CREEK. The bullocks were a touchy mob and had rushed a couple of times but we were able to hold them because the country was reasonably open. We passed through LAMBINA (an outstation of Granite Downs) and crossed the boundary onto TOD MORDEN STN. It was pretty thick mulga scrub country, so we took the best spot we could for our night camp.

Back in them years you could buy a lot of ex army clothes and the stations bought big mobs of the ex army overcoats for their aboriginal stockmen. Allan and Curly had them and wore them all the time. Late that night the bullocks rushed and real bad too. Was nearly an all-night job. At daylight Tom was surveying the damage and noticed Allan was no where to be seen. He went round to Curly to find out where his mate was. Curly reckoned "Ol' Allen bin finished up. He got himself all run over with dem bullocks." So Tom tells me to go with Curly and find out what really happened. We finally rode onto what looked like the scattered and shredded remains of an ex army overcoat. I told Curley to stay on his horse and wait while I got off to check what I was expecting to be the grizzly remains of poor Allan. The coat sure was mutilated, but there was no sign of Big Lip Allan anywhere. We went back to camp and there, large as life, was Allan! Well, I have never seen such happiness as Curly and Allan danced about, talking ten to the dozen in their native tongue!

As we travelled on, we often talked about that night and we pictured Allan galloping flat-strap, arms and legs flapping and with the big coat full of wind we reckoned he would have looked like one of the bats trying to take off and she must have blown off in the melee. We all laughed like hell as we pictured the antics; probably a fair bit was in relief after that rough night. We were just plain lucky that all ended well.

I'll always remember those days, they were tough by today's standards, but most of us were all in the same boat and you just got on with the job and tried to remember the funny side of things.

Major Sponsors Drover's Camp 2010

The Drovers Camp would like to thanks ALL our sponsors who have helped us this year. Without their help we would not be able to continue operating.

Qld Events Mount Isa City Council

Dick Smith Foods Myuma Pty Ltd

Transport Xstrata

Carpentaria Buffalo Club
Coolreagh Pastoral Company
Butler Agencies
Bell & Moir Corp Pty Ltd
Lamberts Produce
L & M Miller
Malouf Auto Group
McBean Family

Mike Flynn
M J Cleary & Co.
Morrissey and Co
Mt Isa Irish Assn
Mt Isa Produce Agency
Post Office Hotel
Paint & Décor Centre
The Hon. Bob Katter

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