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Wednesday, 09 December 2009


The official newsletter of The Drover's Camp Assn Inc. Camooweal

VOL # 6 Issue 5 December 2009

Marry Christmas

President's Report

Gooday All,

Another year almost over. The last few weeks have been rather busy so sorry for the delay in this cattle pad, also Betty Kiernan is unable to print it this time due to commitments to schools in her region, so we are doing this one.

Rotary members came out on the weekend of the 6th-8th Nov. and paved the eating area - made it look so much bigger. Then on the 9th Cliff Scott from Gympie commenced painting the house inside and out—finishes today. Looks great! My thanks to Rotary members, Dulux Australia (Ronnie Watkins for donating the paint) and Cliff for a wonderful job. Well done and much appreciated. Have also cleared behind shed and moved all iron etc.. I feel the beautification of the Drovers Camp has finally started.

Well folks the heat has hit here with a vengeance 42 degrees most days. Hopefully rain will follow shortly for all who need it.

On the evening of the 10th Nov. we had a state of emergency with a fire which started on Barkly Downs on 7th by lightning and came through Rocklands right to the highway approx 10km east from Camooweal to the big windmill, so all were out fighting including Mt. Isa City Council who were working in the area. Thankfully the fire is out now.

The Christmas Raffle is up and going - the mahogany table was donated by John Cahill and whip by Bill Coleman. Many thanks John and Bill.

Well folks a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to everyone, Will return again in the New Year with the next issue.

Yours in droving, Liz

Christmas Raffle

We have received two generous donations for our Christmas raffle this year. The beautiful African Mahogany coffee table pictured was given to us by John Cahill. A lovely brown kangaroo hide whip was donated by Bill Coleman. The table will be offered as 1st prize and the whip as 2nd prize. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. Please support this raffle to help us keep The Drover's Camp on the road. Purchases can be paid by cheque or money order to the address on the cover of newsletter.

First Prize
First Prize
Second Prize
Second Prize


Neither man was born in the North west, but Sir James Foots and the late Joseph Freckleton each left their mark on our region.
Their impact was officially recognised yesterday as the Queensland Government officially named a bridge in each man's honour.
The bridge over the Leichhardt River on the Barkly Highway in Mount Isa is now known as the Sir James Foots Bridge and the bridge over Inca Creek on the Barkly Highway, 116 kilometres North West of Mount Isa is known as the Joseph (Joe) Freckleton Bridge.
"The bridge names honour men who enjoyed long, distinguished and interesting careers and made significant contributions to the community," state member for Mount Isa Betty Kiernan said at the naming ceremonies yesterday.

The new names for the bridges are part of the state's Q150 birthday celebrations. The two men were born half a century apart, but they shared a lot in common.
Both were born poor country boys who were driven to succeed.
The lives of Sir James and Mr. Freckleton were both shining examples of the opportunities available to immigrants to the North West who were willing to work hard and become involved in the community.

And now the two men will forever be linked by their bridges that link Mount Isa with Camooweal along the Barkly Highway.

© North West Star 17th November 2009


Extract from the www.firenorth.org.au website

Let decision-makers know how useful the NAFI site is.

This website has been supported by the Tropical Savannas CRC, other Federal funds and the efforts of many north Australian fire managers.

The CRC ends on December 31st 2009 and the future of the site will depend on funding from users and beneficiaries such as fire managers and the broader public - who benefit from the protection of biodiversity and cultural sites and the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Some support has been found for fire scar mapping but we still need around $80,000 a year to keep the servers running, the site maintained, and to keep working with users to improve the site and the data.
Unfortunately, further Federal funding for the site has not been obtained as of October 2009.

For many decision-makers in the big cities the NAFI site and its users are out of sight and out of mind. You can help secure the future of the NAFI site by letting these people know how useful the site is:


Neil Roberts MP
Minister for Police, Corrective Services and Emergency Services
PO Box 15195
City East Qld 4002
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tim Mulherin MP
Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Rural and Regional Queensland
GPO Box 46
Brisbane QLD 4001
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Thanks You
Paving Workers

A big thank you to Peter, Craig, Don, Tony, Kyrran, Damien and Kim from Rotary Mt Isa who all drove out from the Isa and donated their time, money and sweat to put in our new pavers around the eatery area.


BiddyBid was born in Camooweal on 16th June 1918, daughter of Ted and Annie Carrington and had 10 siblings. She was reared in the bush in the Gulf, where she learnt at an early age to work hard and use old fashioned common sense. Bid came to Camooweal for her first job, as cook/ house keeper at the Camooweal Bottom Pub.
She went to work at the Argent Hotel in the Isa and this is where Bid met her future husband Ray Conlan. Bid and Ray had 4 children, twins Rayma and Neville and Ken and Lyle. Sadly Neville passed away at the Camooweal hospital when he was nine months old. Bid and Ray stayed in the Camooweal district where Ray worked with Main Roads and then had his own book making business. Bid always worked hard to keep the home going. Her love of horses saw her become the secretary of the Camooweal Race Club for a long time.
After rearing her family, Bid purchased two pubs in Camooweal (relinquishing the licence of one) and built one into a good business. Bid and Ray worked the Post Office Hotel until 1990 when they sold it. Ray passed away in 1990 and Bid stayed at Camooweal for a few years, but eventually moved to Townsville. Bid was a true Outback Aussie who contributed generously to the community of Camooweal in many ways. She had the ability to stop rowdy drunks in their tracks, but in her role of keeper of peace and order is fondly remembered by patrons of the Post Office Hotel as someone whose bark was worse than her bite.
Biddy Conlan will be sadly missed by her family and all who had the honour of knowing this remarkable lady.


Written by Muffy (Bid's granddaughter)

Now a thunderbox in the 90's
May seem like a sad affair
But this poem is dedicated to Nana
A contented, bush living Millionaire.

I walked down to the thunderbox
A torch light showed the way
To do my morning piddle
And sit a while to pray

With one hand on the toilet door
And the other on my pants
You can imagine doing both
Created quite a stance.

As I placed my bottom on the seat
To get a better aim
A red back spider bit my bum
And boy was I in pain.

I hit him with the torch I held
And made sure he was dead
Then pulled my knickers up real quick
Opened the door and fled

Now here I lay in a hospital bed
In a rather uncomfortable way
The symptoms of a red back bite
Oh, what will the family say

As I awaken from a little nap
To watch the Broncos play
The Matron says "Its all over Bid"
It's now another day.

DVD set

2009 DROVER'S FESTIAL DVD - TWO DISC PACK FEATURING - Street Parade, Bronco Branding, Mail Race and Walk up performances. Selection of Dean Perrett, Tom Maxwell and Jeff Brown performed at the festival and much more!!!!! $25 per pack + $5.00 postage.
Please place orders with Liz Flood on 07 47482022 or post cheque/postal money order with name and address to The Drover's Camp, P.O. Box 21, Camooweal 4828 Qld.


Keep the Branding Iron Hot - Bobbie Buchanan - $$29.95 + postage
In the Track of Old Bluey - Bobbie Buchanan - $29.95 + postage
Legends of the Outback - Marie Mahood - $25.95 + postage
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Wind on the Cattle - Merrice Briffa - $24.75 + postage
Red Dust Rising - Marion Houldsworth - $30.00 + postage
From the Gulf to God Knows Where - Marion Houldsworth - $33.95 + postage—out of print
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Barefoot through the Bindies - Marion Houldsworth - $29.95 + postage
Horse Bells and Hobble Chains - Jeff Hill - $30.00 + postage
Traditional Bush Horsemanship - J. F. Simpson - $21.50 + postage
Songs of the Droving Season - Bruce Simpson - $20.00 +postage
The Murranji Track - Ghost Road of the Drovers - Darrell Lewis - $29.95 + postage—out of print
Roping in the History of Broncoing - Darrell Lewis - $25.95 + postage
Rodeos and Ringers - Bill Crosbie - $20.00 + postage
Life's Highway - Keith Jamieson -$20 + postage
Outback vs The Wild West - Jack Drake - $29.95 + postage
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My Yesterdays - Glenville Pike - $25.95 + postage

Childrens Books

Outback Countout - Norah Kersh - $15.00 + postage
Outback Alphabet - Norah Kersh - $15.00 + postage
Grandma's Precious Chest - Norah Kersh - $15.00 + postage
Outback Songs - Norah Kersh - $25 + postage
Outback Doctor- Norah Kersh - $22 + postage


Email from Lynette Cowan

I was wondering if anyone knew my grandfather Walter Cowan. I found Walter's name mentioned by Vince Challenor in your December 2008 Cattle Pads issue. I knew he was a drover and recall seeing his saddle and whip in the shed at my grandparents house in Toowoomba when I was a child. Unfortunately I have very little information of his droving life. Walter also had a younger brother Bill who was a drover for a while. If anyone has any old photos or stories I would love to hear from them.

Email from Jon McGhee

My name is Jon McGhee, and I live about a 1/2 hour south of Beaudesert in SE Queensland. I am researching ( and hope to write up if sufficient information can be found) the exploits of three locals, brothers Joe, Jack and Jimmy Egan. For a time before becoming managers of Wave Hill, Margaret River, Turner River and Ord River Stations, these boys worked as drovers, apparently working first from West to East in the late 1800s, then in the opposite direction as meatworks opened up in WA. As I am sure you are well aware finding stories about drovers is a fairly difficult task, but some wonderful accounts of their work are surfacing. When they finished droving they each worked for Vesteys, and that is another story. Does you association have records or indexes or suggestions for further research. I can let you know what I have got, and from where to avoid doubling up. I really appreciate your time as these were extraordinary fellows and deserve all the recognition they can get. I hope to head up to Longreach in September.
Thanks again Jon McGhee

Please call The Drover's Camp on 07 47482022 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for contact information if you can help Lynette or Jon.

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