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Tuesday, 06 October 2009


The official newsletter of The Drover's Camp Assn Inc. Camooweal

VOL # 6 Issue 4 September 2009

State Member Betty Kiernan opening the 2009 Festival with our President Liz Flood
State Member Betty Kiernan opening the 2009 Festival with our President Liz Flood

President's Report

Gooday All,

Another Festival has been and gone - even though numbers were down a little, it was a great festival. This year we had 70 drovers register again 12 over 80. A big thank you to all the volunteers and my committee for a job well done.

We had new signs done on site, just before festival and must say the tourists are calling in now, even at the end of the season.

On Friday the 21st of August, Bluey Ellis unveiled the (Women in Droving) Honour Board which was donated by Don Corcoran and Bluey Ellis in memory of Edna Jessop. Thanks you boys. I am now asking for photos of women who were on the road in the past and a short write-up of their achievements/unique experiences.

We now have a bull in the shed - Col and Sue (showies who have been here for the last few festivals) have donated him to the Drovers Camp. Murranji doesn't need feeding or watering, so is easy to look after and certainly looks very fitting.

On the 5th and 6th of September, Ellen Finlay and myself did a course with Museum and Galleries in restoration and cataloguing of memorabilia - a very interesting course - now the work begins!!!

Well folks, I hope you all had a safe journey home and that you get a good wet season. We will be running a Christmas raffle with info next issue.
Yours in droving, Liz

Xstrata Mail Race


22nd & 23rd August 2009

Singles - Sponsored by Myuma & Clargie Saltmere

1st Contractors: 2nd Red Rock: 3rd Mt Guide : 4th Mt Isa Produce: 5th Billy Ray: 6th Dundee

Doubles - Sponsored by North West Crane Hire & Mt Isa Produce

1st Contractors: 2nd Eildon Park: 3rd Mt Isa Produce: 4th Birdsville: 5th Neutral Junction: 6th Bullwaddy Mob 2

Novice - Sponsored by BP Camooweal Driveway

1st Neutral Junction: 2nd Claypan: 3rd Down South: 4th Just Like Fishing: 4th Camooweal 2

Beginner Branding - Sponsored by Myuma

1st Jim Bob: 2nd Beginner's Luck: 3rd Cactus: 4th Sissy's Boys: 5th Leichhardt 1: 6th Greenhorn

Best Presented Team - Sponsored by Carmel Williams

BullWaddy Mob 2

Best Bronco Horse - Sponsored by Myuma

"Flicka" & "Chief"

Best Catch - Trophy donated by Beryl Murphy

Mal Debney

Best Brander - Trophy donated by Beryl Murphy

Shirley Macnamara

Encouragement Award

Reece Macmillian


Our thanks to the judges, Melanie Hall of Winton and Gary Fogarty of Milerran for their commitment to peruse all 50 entries in the Bronze Sur Award for 2009.

First Prize - "Time and Change" by Colleen McLaughlin of Springsure
Second Prize - "Through Frightened Brumby Eyes" by Kim Eifel of Limestone Creek
Third Prize - "A Few Bright Sparks" by Milton Taylor of Longreach

Time and Change

For centuries men have reckoned time by the position of the Southern Cross constellation on it's nightly orbit through the skies.


Call me when the cross turns over - then I know the dawn is near,
Dark is thick and silent round me, still the stars are shining clear.
I should hear the horse bells ringing - hear the clink of hobble chains -
Know that horse boy, Jim, has risen long before the darkness wanes.


But there's silence. There is waiting for the far of distant whirr
Of the chopper blades rotating, setting all the bush astir..

Smell the smoke. The coals are glowing, and the cook is on his feet.
Tucks the damper in the ashes, stokes the fire and checks the heat.
Sees the billies boiling briskly - time to throw the tea leaves in -
Pull the boots on, roll the bluey, let the day long tasks begin.

Generator breaks the silence - cook van lights a golden glow,
Warmth and comfort all around us - steak and onions on the go.

Take the bridle, think while walking. "There's a long hard day ahead,
Need a horse whose heart will take me over plain and watershed."
Saddle's on. He tenses muscles. "Mate, just pull the girth up tight -
You can tell the way he's looking, he's just itching for a fight."

Bikes will maybe need refueling - check the tires and climb aboard -
Kick the starter - gun the motor - overhead the chopper soared.

Fifteen miles to reach the boundary, and the wings are spreading wide,
Turn them in, and search the pockets where the rogues and laggards hide.
Time goes by, and dust clouds eddy, dinner camp is far behind,
Mob is steady, as the sun sets, and the holding yard we find.

Eighteen hundred head are yarded, in the time we took to ride
From the breakfast camp at daylight, to the fence the other side.
Rotors whirring - bikes back-firing - bawling mothers calling calves.
Time's the essence of the contract. Nothing can be done by halves.
Not a drover now is waiting for a mob to hit the road.
But by sundown trucks are leaving, taking out each drafted load.


Call it change, or call it progress, call it what you think is best.
Times we knew and old traditions, all are gone and laid to rest.
Men whose hands were light as feathers, when they touched the bridle reins,
Grab the bars of bikes with passion, as they search the hills and plains.
Still, call me when the Cross turns over, when the dawn winds cool the air,
As the bush begins to waken, for my heart will still be there.
When I see the daylight breaking, see the stars put out their lights,
Then I know that time's unchanging, while the Cross turns through the nights.

By Colleen McLaughlin © 2009


Sect. 1 - Droving - Sponsor - The Drover's Camp Assn Inc. - 1st Ron Hope
Sect. 2 - Australain Outback Landscape - Sponsor Coolreagh Pastoral Co. - 1st Patricia D'Arcy
Sect. 3 - Station Life - Sponsor Hawkins Cattle Co. - 1st Patricia D'Arcy
Sect. 4 - Aboriginal Art - Sponsor Dugalunji Aboriginal Corp. - 1st Bronwyn Smith
Sect. 5 - Australian Relic - Sponsor L & M Miller. - 1st Stumpy Adams
Sect. 6 - Junior to Year 12 - Sponsor The Drovers Camp Assn Inc. - 1st Felicity Cause

Congratulations to Felicity Cause!!

Felicity Cause
Felicity Cause
Felicity was the only competitor in the Junior to Yr 12 section with
her 7 entries that were of exceptional standard for her age (12).


Sect 1 "Cute country Kids" - 1st Kate Flood, 2nd Raelene Macnamara, 3rd Lyn Makkai
Sect 2 "Australian Scenic" - 1st Lyn Makkai, 2nd Patricia Pratt, 3rd Lyn Makkai
Sect. 3 "Portrait" - 1st Kate Flood, 2nd Carol Letts, 3rd Kristy Murray
Sect 4 "Droving Historical" - NO PLACE GETTERS
Sect 5 "Black & White" - 1st Courtney Atkinson, 2nd Kate Flood
Sect 6 "Animals" - 1st Emma Miller, 2nd Patricia Pratt, 3rd Courtney Atkinson
JUDGE'S AWARD - Emma Miller

Dance Talent Quest







Bronco Branding


DVDs for sale

DVD set

AVAILABLE NOW!!! 2009 DROVER'S FESTIAL DVD - TWO DISC PACK FEATURING - Street Parade, Bronco Branding, Mail Race and Walk up performances. Selection of Dean Perrett, Tom Maxwell and Jeff Brown performed at the festival and much more!!!!! $25 per pack + $5.00 postage.
Please place orders with Liz Flood on 07 47482022 or post cheque/postal money order with name and address to The Drover's Camp, P.O. Box 21, Camooweal 4828 Qld.


Keep the Branding Iron Hot - Bobbie Buchanan - $$29.95 + postage
In the Track of Old Bluey - Bobbie Buchanan - $29.95 + postage
Legends of the Outback - Marie Mahood - $25.95 + postage
Battlers of the Barkly - Alf Chambers - $23.95 + postage
Wind on the Cattle - Merrice Briffa - $24.75 + postage
Red Dust Rising - Marion Houldsworth - $30.00 + postage
From the Gulf to God Knows Where - Marion Houldsworth - $33.95 + postage—out of print
Maybe It'll Rain Tomorrow - Marion Houldsworth - $33.95 + postage
Barefoot through the Bindies - Marion Houldsworth - $29.95 + postage
Horse Bells and Hobble Chains - Jeff Hill - $30.00 + postage
Traditional Bush Horsemanship - J. F. Simpson - $21.50 + postage
Songs of the Droving Season - Bruce Simpson - $20.00 +postage
The Murranji Track - Ghost Road of the Drovers - Darrell Lewis - $29.95 + postage—out of print
Roping in the History of Broncoing - Darrell Lewis - $25.95 + postage
Rodeos and Ringers - Bill Crosbie - $20.00 + postage
Life's Highway - Keith Jamieson -$20 + postage
Outback vs The Wild West - Jack Drake - $29.95 + postage
Not Without His Sons - Lloyd Fogarty - $29.95 + postage
My Yesterdays - Glenville Pike - $25.95 + postage

Childrens Books

Outback Countout - Norah Kersh - $15.00 + postage
Outback Alphabet - Norah Kersh - $15.00 + postage
Grandma's Precious Chest - Norah Kersh - $15.00 + postage
Outback Songs - Norah Kersh - $25 + postage
Outback Doctor- Norah Kersh - $22 + postage


Women in Droving

Talent Quest





Bronco Branding

Talent Quest

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