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Drover's Camp Association Rules


  1. The name of the incorporated association shall be The Drover's Camp Association Inc.


  1. To erect a building which will be known as The Drover's Camp at Camooweal, Qld. which will provide safe storage and preservation areas for authentic artifacts, documentation, art and photographic treasures from Australia's droving industry. The building shall also contain audio-visual presentations, inter-active and interpretive displays.
  2. To ensure the building becomes a focal point where living drovers and their descendants can meet with other people to share their experiences with people of all ages, to stimulate and sustain community interest in the significance of the droving industry.
  3. To construct and maintain a National shrine to acknowledge the contribution to Australia's cattle industry development by stockmen and stockwomen of all races. Such acknowledgement of their contribution will assist in the reconciliation process.
  4. To stage an annual Festival to celebrate the contribution of the drovers and their families and to provide a venue for a reunion of old mates of the droving era.
  5. To be part of a successful and integrated tourism strategy, with emphasis on the unique outback heritage of Australia.
  6. To introduce commercial and income-generating opportunities and to become fully self-supporting.
  7. To create jobs for unemployed people in this area.


In the past, Camooweal was a colourful droving centre for the largest cattle drives the world has ever seen. Today, huge transports and road-trains carrying millions of dollars worth of livestock and general goods use the roads.

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